Customer Pics


Some of our Wonderful Customers

Send in Your Pictures. We would love to put you on our web site!  Of Course, we honor your privacy!  We will NOT post any information about you unless you give us the OK.



Aimee is a self-taught multi media artist.  Her work is described as weird, odd, sensual, intense, comedic, evil, creative, rough, a sin.  We call it Amazing!!!

Aimme Stoddard was accepted to compete in living art america.

She used our 579-CORA Zebra Boots in part of her art show.

Check Out her web site at

Ellie wearing Vinyl Bustier - Style V220

Ellie (aka Milkdrop) loves Costumes, Cosplay and Having Fun!

She is wearing a Vinyl Bustier w Buckles (style V220 - now Discontinued)

She can be found at the following links:



Alyssa - a.k.a. AlyChu

Alyssa is a CosPlayer Extraodinare!

Alyssa runs a facebook page with over 20k likes as well as a tumblr and instagram with over 1k follower

Customer Wedding Photo

One customer sent us some pics from her Motorcycle Wedding!

Unfortunately, this sexy dress has been discontinued.  But we have many more in our Skirts and Dresses Category


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